Our Story


Liv Companies was founded as a partnership between a licensed architect and experienced builder. Our goal is, and has been to simplify the design and construction process for our customers. By integrating design and construction, we are able to offer hands-on design with quality construction, all while keeping budget in the picture. Once you see our process, it will be hard to imagine doing an addition or remodeling project any other way.



With a combined forty-plus years of experience in the design and construction of housing, our leadership has a deep knowledge of the intricacies involved in executing even the most complex home construction and delivery projects.

Our Founders

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Russell T. Head, CGB CGP



Mr. Head has been managing and directing quality construction projects for over 24 years. His project experience includes residential construction and renovations in Chicago, San Francisco, and Wisconsin. His extensive experience includes renovations to homes damaged by the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and the 1991 Oakland fires. In Illinois, Mr. Head has completed home building and land development projects in numerous suburbs and the city of Chicago.

In addition to previously acting as the Director of Construction for StreetScape Development, Mr. Head was a managing partner of the Noble Hill Companies, developing and building homes in the Chicago suburbs.

Mr. Head has been a continuous member, and has served on the Board of Directors for local home builder’s associations and has served on the National Association of Homebuilder’s Board of Directors for over ten years. He served as the Will-Grundy Counties Homebuilders Association president in 2005, and was named Builder of the Year in 2006. In 2013 Mr. Head was named a Life Director of The National Association of Homebuilders.

Mr. Head holds a B.S. in Organizational and Corporate Communications from Northern Illinois University as well as the professional designations of Certified Graduate Builder and Certified Green Professional. 


David P. Pollard, AIA LEED AP



Mr. Pollard is an Illinois licensed Architect, LEED accredited professional, and member of the American Institute of Architects. His architectural background brings a toolset rarely utilized in the housing industry. 

Mr. Pollard’s design background also delivers unique problem solving abilities, information systems expertise, and an innovative, forward thinking approach. These characteristics are applied to individual projects, the brand of the company, and our internal operations.

Mr. Pollard’s residential career experience has ranged from single-family home design and construction, construction management of a 700 unit condominium project in Scottsdale, Arizona, to a joint venture, design-build hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has worked on the design and construction of new single family homes, and renovations in Virginia, Illinois, and Arizona. 

Mr. Pollard has served as the Director of Design and Innovation at StreetScape Development, an Associate Architect at Goettsch Partners, both an Architect and Construction Manager at Optima, Inc., and an Architect at Archideas, Inc.

Mr. Pollard holds a Bachelor of Architecture / Minor in Building Construction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a Master’s of Science in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. 



In early 2016 we found the perfect space to expand and continue to redefine remodeling. Situated in an old school house, we found a lofty, urban, open-plan space to showcase our creativity and unique approach to design & construction.

The question was: How can we take a pile of 2x6's, 2x2's, door slabs, welcome mats, and paint and turn it into our new workspace????

Our solution ended up as an energetic space for our staff to collaborate across platforms of design and construction, and dedicated spaces to work through projects with our clients. We now have a client workspace and selection library, along with a conference space for presenting and shaping our designs 3-dimensionally and in realtime on our big screen. And of course no true design & construction office would be complete without a beer fridge and guitar.

OVER 40 years of combined experience in exceptional housing at all scales